Farmers Market

Hardin County Farmers' Market

To get it any fresher, you'd have to grow it yourself!

Beginning on the first Saturday in May and continuing through the last Saturday in October, the Hardin County Farmers' Market offers a healthy choice of fresh, high-quality products. Starting with peas, leafy greens, bedding plants and hanging baskets in the spring and ending with pumpkins and sweet potatoes in the fall, we have the freshest beans, tomatoes and corn in between.

We offer apples, blackberries, blueberries and raspberries when in season as well as many value-added products such as honey, eggs, cheese, fresh-baked breads and fresh-cut flowers, just to name a few.

Some recent additions to the Market include pasture raised chicken and local beef.

Local farmers offer fruits and vegetables that are just hours and a few miles from the farm to your table, instead of days and hundreds of miles.

Come meet the men and women whose passion is giving you the best from their farms.

Hardin County Farmers' Market: Locally-grown produce 24 hours off the vine.

The Hardin County Farmer's Market is one of the oldest existing markets in the area, deeply rooted in the community for over a quarter of a century. This year, under its new pavilion, there will be over 30 booths available to provide you with the freshest quality foods to tantalize your taste buds.

Not only a place to buy the freshest products from area farmers, the Market is a great opportunity to reconnect with your neighbors and catch up on the latest happenings.

Our Purpose

The purpose of this association is to provide a market for producer-members to sell and promote their farm produce information on production, marketing, and preparation of produce for members and consumers.

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